Protection Products

Protection products

Protection Products

Let’s keep your Toyota looking like new! Collingwood Toyota wants to help you maintain the appearance of your new vehicle now and improve resale value in the future with a selection of comprehensive protection packages. In addition to our rust protection and undercoating options, we also offer paint, fabric, and leather protection. Speak to one of our advisors for more details!

You will find that our protection products are priced very competitively. If you choose to apply rust protection to your new vehicle, you will have the peace of mind of our in-house warranty coverage. No 1-800 numbers if you have a concern, just contact us. Our rust protection products are just a one-time application or installation - no annual visits are required to get your vehicle resprayed or inspected. We aim to make maintaining your vehicle’s integrity and appearance as hassle-free as possible.

Rust Protection

Once rust occurs on your vehicle, it can be very difficult to keep it from spreading, which rapidly reduces both the resale value and integrity of your vehicle. Our rust protection services are available to reduce the effects of corrosion over time and keep your vehicle looking great. We offer two options for rust protection for you to choose from:

Corrosion Control Module

  • Installed by our technicians, generates a repetitive surface current to help prevent the oxidation of the metal on your vehicle
  • No use of chemicals, more environmentally-friendly than traditional sprays
  • Protects more area of your vehicle, including places spray applications cannot reach


Rust Guard & Sound Guard

  • Rust Guard spray-in application coats the interior of your vehicle’s metal body panels
  • Permanent, one-time application using a product that won’t drip or run off
  • No drilling required, does not compromise your vehicle’s components
  • Sound Guard undercoating absorbs and reduces road noise for a quieter ride