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Get Approved for Toyota Vehicle Financing in Collingwood

Welcome to Collingwood Toyota's Finance Department: your vehicle lease or finance resource. We're eager to help you determine the best way to either lease or own your next vehicle. We partner with Toyota Financial Services and major financial institutions like RBC, TD, Scotiabank, and BMO to get the best rates and incentives available.

Applying for financing doesn't have to be stressful--we promise. It's common knowledge that many dealerships out there focus on sealing the deal and making a commission even if that means locking their customers into loans that just aren't the best for their credit situation. You might also be on the lookout for those dealerships claiming they offer the best car-loan financing on the market, but when you try to get a loan, they offer outrageous interest rates and unreasonable terms.

Of course, helping you find the perfect set of wheels is important to us too, but the priority is making your overall buying experience a pleasant one. As part of that commitment, we offer many services to all our customers for new or used vehicle financing in Collingwood. Collingwood Toyota is proud to offer financing options to all of the Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, Barrie, Owen Sound, and Blue Mountains, ON regions. We want to lessen the financial burden on all car buyers, so we work tirelessly to secure the best loan we can, with the lowest-percent financing out there.

Poor Credit or No Credit
Collingwood Toyota's financial services are available to you too, no matter whether your credit is perfect, less than perfect, or even non-existent. We treat all our customers the same and do whatever it takes to not only get you approved, but also get you the best loan we can. We will even help you rebuild your credit into something to be proud of! Each time you make a payment towards your loan, your credit score improves, which in turn makes getting any kind of loan in the future much, much easier.

Apply Today for Credit Tomorrow!
We welcome you to come into our dealership to pick out your new or used vehicle and then get the financing process going. You also have the option of getting pre-approved now so you're ready to go once you find the car you want! To get easy pre-approval, all you have to do is fill out our secure online credit application, and then one of our Finance Advisors will contact you by the next business day to complete the process. Apply today!

Learn about Financing vs. Leasing
In the decision to lease or finance a vehicle, there are a few important things to consider. A Toyota lease gives you a number of advantages such as lower monthly payments compared to the cost of financing a vehicle. On the other hand, financing gives you the benefits of eventually owning the vehicle, yourself! Let's take a closer look at the differences between financing vs. leasing.

Leasing Advantages

  • Generally, a lease will get you lower monthly payments and up-front costs than financing the same vehicle would. Even low-percent financing may have higher payments than with a similar lease
  • You can upgrade to the newest model every few years, often without incurring higher payments
  • In a lease, you typically pay lower taxes, as you only pay tax on the monthly payment as opposed to the full purchase price of the vehicle
  • A number of options become available at the end of the lease:
    • You can return that vehicle
    • You can lease a different vehicle
    • You can finance or buy that vehicle

Should you choose to purchase that vehicle at lease-end, there are a number of financing options offered here at Collingwood Toyota.

Financing Advantages

  • If you finance a Toyota, you have the freedom of driving unlimited kilometres, and the ability to equip it with any aftermarket accessories you like
  • You acquire vehicle equity
  • There are no penalties for wear and tear to the vehicle
  • Financing has a lower carrying cost than leasing, as with a lease you are not paying towards the entire value of the vehicle

If you're still unsure of of which route to take, come in and talk to one of our specialists at Collingwood Toyota! Or if you're confident and ready to get pre-approved for credit, then Apply today!

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